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Gewerbemuseum Winterthur: Skin to Skin


Gewerbemuseum Winterthur; Skin to SkinGewerbemuseum Winterthur; Skin to Skin

Exposición colectiva / Group exhibition: Skin to Skin
Comisaria / Curator: Susanna Kumschick
Fechas / Dates: 1 Diciembre 2013 / 9 Junio 2014
Sede / Place: Gewerbemuseum Winterthur (Suiza).


Life is impossible without skin. It protects and shapes the body, and the features of this, the largest human organ, are multi-layered and ingenious. The skin is the boundary between inside and outside, between the system of the self and the system of the world. It has social, communicative and sensory functions, as well as erotic and symbolic significance. Skin reflects our identity, mirrors our emotions and is the locus for key events in our lives. It has always been a central theme in the arts and its qualities are also a source of inspiration for design and architecture. Research into skin constantly leads to medical innovations, while in addition it has a long history of use as a material in the form of leather or parchment.

The “Skin to Skin” exhibition is devoted to the fascinating qualities of skin in art, design, architecture and medicine. It invites the viewer to explore innovative work on and with skin and to discover current and past perspectives on skin from widely differing angles. “Skin to Skin” – close enough to touch – is being mounted in conjunction with the “Tattoo” exhibition and the associated supporting program.

Artistas participantes: Aziz + Cucher (US) / Sonja Bäumel (AT/NL) / Zane Berzina (LV/DE) / Angélica Dass (BR/ES) / Victoria Diehl (ES) / Jalila Essaïdi (NL) / Frank Fietzek (DE) / Sandrine Goessens (FR) / Imme van der Haak (NL) / Simon Hasan (GB) / Peter Hujar (US) / Theres Liechti (CH) / Julia Lohmann (DE/GB) / Lucy McRae (AU) / Nandipha Mntambo (ZA) / Alexander Müller-Rakow & Oscar Palou Ribò (DE/ES) / Fumie Sasabuchi (JP/DE) / Johanna Stierlin (CH) / Studio Formafantasma (IT/NL) / Hannah Villiger (CH) / Marlon Wobst (DE).

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